Medical Optimism and a new Podcast

The world is essentially a good place. No it really is. That is right…we are optimists…on the internet…strange I know. I am a medical doctor, specifically radiology, who has spent years working in and around the latino population. My wife immigrated from latin america about 16 years ago, she has a fire to understand and help people in need, because she has seen both sides of the coin in her own life. The focus of this podcast is looking at medical practice around the world from those who have been there on the ground, putting the healing hands on the people. We want to hear the personal stories that make the human condition real. The truth of the matter is overall the world continues to improve itself overall (despite what we see on the news sometimes) because people are putting in real effort, and money, to improve it.

But doctors and other medical practitioners don’t just walk into a city and start practicing medicine. Therefor we will also discuss advance in population level medicine and science, talk to those working with NGOs on general infrastructure and medical practice, and have a conversation with those people who create the policy affecting health care delivery around the globe.

These things take time to start and do right, and let me tell you raising two children right while doing a radiology residency is rather difficult. The first episode of the podcast will air in 2017. We willpost on Facebook and twitter, not only Global health news but, stories on culture and, most especially, food with our favorite hashtag “#chancholife” because if you know food you know culture. This will be accompanied by our Instagram which will feature pictures and small stories from our various travels and the travels of our guests as well as pictures, histories, and recipes of, you guessed it, food we are sampling from around the world. #chancholife I will feature my altar ego, Dr. Chef, with YouTube tutorials of my favorite recipient because…everyone just loves food.

We hope the stories we share can bring optimism to your life as well educate you on science, medicine and culture.

(The featured image on this page was taken by me in Bucaramanga, Colombia at the Hospital Universitario de Santander, pictured is a plastic surgery resident removing a tumor from an arm that had affected this child since birth, you see the ash on the forehead, having been blessed by a Catholic priest on Ash Wednesday.)